t-shirt opinions!!


remember that t-shirt thing i started talking about in november?? we are doing the damn thing so help me god. but we (outreach) need YOUR help!! please vote on THIS SURVEY to determine what our first shirt will be (survey closes Feb 28th). my goal is to release new shirts as frequently as there’s a call but we need to know what y’all want. also, keep those peepers open for another call for opinions (i know you have one) about us being… out and about.


Just to clarify, these options are for a second option to produce in addition to the ones with just the Hive13 logo?

yes, the Hive logo shirts will be happening regardless of what design is picked. they’re a staple and we only have a few from our 2016(?) printing left. it’s good to have a supply considering how our growth as an org has been going.