Superb Owl Party this Sunday at 5!

Are you not a sportsball fan? Will your house be full of people yelling at the TV while you cower in a corner, utterly confused? Worry no more! As counter-programming to the Super Bowl, Lisa and I will be hosting a Superb Owl game night! This year is potluck style- bring a snack, beverage or just yourself. We’ll be playing mostly card games such as Cards Against Humanity, Flux, and Wizard. Feel free to bring your own board, card or table games. Please let me know if you plan on coming and what you’re bringing so I have an approximate head count. See you there!

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There’s a good chance that the Fam and I will be there!

We (Amanda and myself) are aiming to be here. I’ll bring some kind of wings, and maybe some homemade bread or some other snacks.

Is there a start time yet?

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Last I heard was 5pm. Do we have a head count?

I’m leaning towards bringing a veggie tray. How are people with dairy, or should I do a hummus?

I should be there around 6 pm with cookies.