Super useful $8 ESR / Component tester

Per Dave Velzy’s suggestion, I am posting a link to a really useful and cheap electronic component tester available from Ali Express (and probably ebay too). This link is from “all sea store”, which is a good seller on aliexpress that I’ve used before – so buy from them, not some shady seller…

Anyway, this thing is pretty darn useful. It’s especally useful for:

Inductors: ESR and L (most multimeters don’t do that, and traditional ESR meters are expensive)

FETs and BJT’s - Pop one in, and it will measure, but ALSO show which lead is which (gate-drain-source, collector,gate,emitter), etc.

Best of all, I can read it. So, instead of trying to read tiny rubbed out part numbers or codes, I can just pop it in this guy and get it in “large print”.

For $8, I’d recommend this to any electronics hobbiest. The firmware is Open Source too.

Here’s mine in a hastily printed case.IMG_20180212_095558.jpg


There appears to be an Amazon Prime option for $10.49, delivered Feb 14. However, it has no case.



I 3d printed that case.

The amazon option looks good (there are some weird variations, and the one pictured is right). I’m just addicted to Ali Express - use amazon if you like (I do that too, but it’s not as addictive). I order and then usually forget about it by the time it comes. It’s like past me traveling forward in time to give myself a gift!


Or BangGood has one for $16 with a nice case included that ships from their US wharehouse…

BangGood is nice, especially for an order of DongBest brand accessories (not making this up).