Super Mini Woodworking Lathe

With the new wood working lathe, I’d like to have to this go home with it’s owner, rather than taking up space in the woodshop. Does anybody know how this got here?

Auto Generated Inline Image 1.jpg

Put it in purgatory… You’ve announced it needs to leave and you’re the warden of the space.

Auto Generated Inline Image 1.jpg

Good point, to purgatory it goes!

I believe that was Ed Estes’ lathe. I will ask him… if it is, I’ll pick it up Tomorrow.


There may be one or two more of those harbor freight mini tools around the hive on the black tool shelves or below the adjacent workbench. I seem to recall seeing the little table saw.

  • Ry

Replace the motor with a stepper and you’d have the start of a good, solid, coil winder…