Super Fun Action Happy Hacker Go Time!

I will be holding my biweekly yet-to-be-permanently-named open hack time this Saturday.

A lot of members have talked to me about “getting started with ____”, or “How do I _____?”. So, I want to make this one more open – “Get Something Started”. New members and folks seeking knowledge in new areas are especially encouraged.

In deference to Nancy’s suggestion that I emphasize the fun and relaxed drop-in nature of these events, I am dubbing this (for now):

Super Fun Action Happy Hacker Go Time! :octopus:

Or, if you just want to meet people, have a soda/coffee and play video games that’s cool too.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert at all things hive13, but I can do most things competently. More importantly, I have 10+ years experience teaching people how to do things safely in shops. If I don’t know something or can’t help you get beyond the basic basics, I will be able to refer you to a friendly member who can help.

Didclaimer2: I have not yet certified on the big laser. If I have a chance, I will, but I may only be able to show small one. But small laser leads to big…