Super Cool Face Shield

So we’ve got a face shield already down at the Hive, but I’ve been hearing some members mentioning getting a personal one. I just ran across this, and it’s super cool, so I thought I would share. Perfect for using with the lathe, and a great price.

Direct to Manufacturer:


They’re got a few other varieties as well, including safety glasses for people looking for their own set.

Bonus: You can now look like the cleaner crews on Westworld.


I think we tend to scoff at “wussy” safety stuff too much.
I’ve seen people get hurt (pretty badly) and it is no fun.
I think we should get some heavy duty face shields for general use and encourage people to use them.

I second the heavy duty face shields I have become to complacent and can vouch for Katie having to take me to an eye specialist. Getting a hunk of rust or metal from grinding to even the bristles on a wire wheel coming out…it all sucks bad. I have been very very fortunate that each time it’s been off center to where it has not caused me problems. Dam chassis lol

I’ve always preferred face shields. 1. protection. 2. no fuss if you wear glasses

Nothing wussy about protective gear, and I’m sure our insurance agent would prefer far more of it.

Having had a rock kick up and bust my lip open using a string trimmer, full face shields are the way to go.

Oh, I agree!