Sunday - It's time to start pulling wire in 2701

We’re looking for a few people to help start pulling wire and mounting boxes on Sunday 6/7/2020.
Planning to start around 10 am and going until we’re tired.

Come on out and join us.

Please let us know if you are coming.

If you can, bring a well charged cordless drill for driving screws and aviation snips for cutting MC cable shielding.

Dress code: Masks will be worn.


Dave V.

Hi Dave,

I would like to join in the wiring work Sunday. I am meeting Kevin McLeod next week to work through the membership paperwork.

I did receive a tour of the current space and the new space last week with Brad Walsh and Kevin McLeod.

So on Sunday, I would not be a Hive13 member, yet, but can I still help with wiring?


  • Todd

You are welcome to come help! We can probably also get you signed up Sunday.

Great! I’ll be there.

The goal for this Sunday is to get the Wood Shop’s electrical boxes and wiring roughed out. If you have a desire to have input on final tweaks to the wood shop layout, please join us for Sunday’s work or review the currently posted floor plan and offer comments today or tomorrow!

I will be there on Sunday.

I’ll be there too.

When is everyone planning to be there? I’m going to be there around 1:30, because I have an hour appt. at noon, though I suppose I could get up early and come in before too

I’m going to be at 2929 at 10 or Mabe a little earlier to get ladders, tools, extension cords and fan.

The over to 2701.

I will try to be there also