Sumobot Team


Paul has a ring we can test with.
I built a diavolino and brought in a battery pack as well as the sensors
We are still waiting on the motors to arrive (Probably Tues because of columbus day)

There is a table set aside for sumobot development with a labeled box of parts and the ring.

A svn repository has been setup here:

Private email me if you want a development account. I added a cad/ folder in SVN to developing any openscad makerbot stuff.
sumobot1/ is for the pde (arduino) code and/or libraries for it.

“What is sumo but a dance between giants?”


I would like an svn account

Oh, I should have asked for a password you want for svn as well. :slight_smile:


Done. You should be able to checkout/update now from

heh, well I did not realize I was sending out that awesome password to the world.

In any case it does not look like the SVN server is requiring authentication on commit.


I printed v2 of the plow today at the hive. It needed more ajustments. When I went to print v3 the plastic didn’t really extrude. I wasn’t sure how to fix that. I remember a way to do a test extrude but couldn’t find it in the gui.

Svn has v3 of the plow and v1 of the chassis, both unprinted. There is an svn directory on the makerbot under ~/devel/sumobot/svn/cad. Somebody will need to fix the feeding issue (or tell me how). I won’t be back at the Hive today but feel free to print either part if you stop by.