Sumobot final rush

Hi everyone,

Mr Plow is not yet ready, but I planned to come Friday night and
saturday morning to finalize everything. Any other people interested
to join? It would be really interesting to test the different bots and
troubleshoot together.


Yeah - know how you feel with ‘crunch time’ and all - I /just/ found the flaw in my code that was messing up my IR sensors.

I was going to try to stop in tomorrow night to do a ring test, a weighing, and check the bounding box. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make Friday night. Maybe earlier in the day Saturday…

I still have a big push to make to finish my bondo ‘shell’ - but my bot should be ‘combat ready’ as of now - it’s passed all of it’s check-out tests.


Crummy news from New Haven:

Thurman Wenzl

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