Sumobot event outreach to ISPACE?

FYI - A while back, I saved an article in the Enquirer on four local
high schools participating in the First Tech Challenge robot
competition. The original article (link below) mentioned "ISPACE"
hosted the challenge event back on Feb. 28. It turns out ISPACE is a
pretty substantial 501(c)3 with a nice website and long list of donor/

Does anyone already have any connections into this organization?

I was thinking to do some outreach and invite them (and their high
school contacts) to our April 16 Sumobot competition. It could be a
chance to network with other "like-minded individuals"...




I have two contacts at iSpace: Linda Neenan ( is
the executive director and Thomas Viars ( who is a
regular volunteer with the organization. I forwarded the Sumobot link
to Thomas a month or two back, but it couldn't hurt to reach out to
them again. iSpace has some pretty impressive capability; I'm sure
they could put together a Sumobot in time for the competition.