Sumobot Competition This Saturday

It’s here! Tomorrow is the somobot competition. We have a lot of great contenders registered for the event and it is shaping up to be an awesome time!

The event starts at 6pm and is scheduled to run until 9pm. This is a free family friendly event. We will have snacks available but you may want to stop to grab a real meal before the event. If you want to bring some snacks you can. Setup will start at 4pm for those who are volunteering to get the event ready. The door to Hive13 and Cincinnati Fitness Boxing are on the side of the Anchor Building under the glass blocks. There is a sign on the door for both. If it is nice we may have the door open as well as the large gym door on the south of the building. You can park along the street, at the parking lot on the south of the building or in the lot across the street but please don’t park behind the building because that is for other tenants.

When tweeting about the event be sure to included @hive13 and @roboweek. Roboweek is for the National Robotics Week that we are taking part in. You can also use the hash tag #roboweek. They will RT and promote any messages with those tags. For flickr tag your pics with both ‘sumo13’ and ‘roboweek2011’.

The actual sumobot site is:
The wiki for the event is:

Can’t wait to see everybody there!

In other news I have started a 2nd sumobot ring so I can have two in the pipe using two different methods. I have hijacked LVL1’s idea of rubbing baking powder into the tacky paint, and it worked amazingly well with the test pieces I had created, so I have repainted the original circle.

I have also cut out a 2nd ring, glued on the surface rubber vinyl, trimmed it, and I have some white vinyl dye // paint arriving today that I am going to try on this ring. Ideally this is the one we will use for the contest, however if all else fails we will have the painted one w/ the baking powder as a backup.

I’m going to take this announcement and copy it over to the blog. Thanks!


That would be great. I appreciate it!

Bring more baking powder it becomes tacky avian

Bring more baking powder it becomes tacky avian

Anyone at the space... We are stuck at the hofbrauhouse? Brian, Mark and Jeff from LVL1

Anyone at the space... We are stuck at the hofbrauhouse? Brian, Mark and Jeff from LVL1

Yes, people are there now, come on over. You can also check the open status on the web page -

We are there, and we do have extra baking powder. I also found some White vinyl spray paint that amazingly dried without any tackiness. So we have two rings.

If anyone is still stuck call me @ 513 484 3029
I'm leaving momentarily to hive13
-Dave B.