Sumo Bot Update

Hello everyone,

For those not at the meeting, the vote for the $100 budget for a hive sum bot passed. So we have the funds to buy extra parts in addition to the cannibalized previous sumo bot! This is going to be awesome! A few of us met briefly after the meeting and did some initial research and brainstormed some.

The general plan is to find 3 days when the team is free for several hours to hammer this project out in big steps. This means that this will only be a commitment of a few days, instead of weekly meetings.

The first meeting will be concept and design decisions, initial build work, and fabrication of a test arena.

If you are at all interested, email me off list ( with your availability for the next week EMPHASIS on this weekend (10/10 - 10/12). From the first meeting we can determine the next meeting date.

All following updates will be done off list with the team until it is complete.


A friend of mine sent me an email:

"Any idea how to set something up so an alarm will go off if a dog with an RFID tag crosses a sensor? I see these in retail stores, but looking for a small home version.


Here’s a video for a DIY Reader

An RFID antenna the size of a door maybecostly but a doggie door size should be cheap.

{accidently hit send}

I'm not that familiar with RFID. Any suggestions on what to tell him? It's a couple who have two dogs. One has cancer and is dying, and the other is a crazy three-year-old who runs away from home and gets lost and worries them. They are *extremely* outdoorsy. The second dog is fine when they are outside and close, but I'm guessing they're trying to prevent him from getting out when when they're inside or sleeping. He recently head butted a door and got out, but he needed stitches. If it's not clear, they really love this guy, they are just convinced he won't grow out of it.

I'm guessing the sensor is for a door, so holding the tag to a sensor won't work. It's got to have a reasonable "capture area".


Animal rfid chips run at 134.2 kHz. An off-the-shelf long range reader (used in slaughter houses) can be found here:

Long range for rfid is about 4 feet. It will matter what type of tag the dog has injected.

Oh duh…looking at this stackexchange question someone points out you can just use multiple low range sensors instead of trying to get one giant antenna. Makes sense :slight_smile:

There are also doors that you can buy that will do this for you:

They aren’t cheap, but they are definitely easier than making your own!