Summer Youth Education & Outreach Partnership

Hi Krista,

I’m going to forward this to our public mailing list to see if any members have ideas and/or would like to volunteer to help out.

Hive13 Members, please respond directly to Krista with suggestions or to volunteer.


We have plenty of kits for our “learn to solder” class that we did at the mini-maker faire. The downside is that it only takes about 5-10 minutes to do, but you are limited to the number of soldering irons and instructors (one per iron or it becomes unmanageable.) So you would get a bunch of waiting around if it was the entire event.

But maybe the learn to solder class could be done in conjunction with something else.


I run a “Electronics and a Raspberry Pi” class through Great River Learning ( and PAGE ( I have complete Raspberry Pi setups (monitors, keyboards, Pis, breadboards, etc.) that I bring and teach them everything from setting them up to writing small programs in Python and interfacing to small electronics projects (an LED and a stoplight) in about 12 hours of instruction over 6 Saturdays. At GRL, we had 20 hours of instruction as a week-long camp so were able to go into a little more depth.

This spring I’m doing a “RPi2: Becoming a Maker” class through PAGE where we’ll work on robot components controlled by the Pi (and some Arduino under the covers) that will interface to a mobile robot. And, I teach programming as part of that but have also taught full courses in the past in several languages. PAGE has some other classes - programming in Scratch and Alice as well as a new electronics class you can see on their website.

I’ve not made my summer plans and would be happy talk with you if any of this fits into your plans. p.s. I live in Anderson Twp.

James Hartley

I recently gave a “gene hacking and DIYBio” presentation at the Hive. I could probably adapt it for a teenage audience, and put together a hands-on activity such as extracting DNA from fruit. Let me know if this sounds interesting.

Mike Horwath

Since I missed it, I hope she says yes.

Hit her up on Fb or email her directly.