Summer library education programming by Hive13


As you may be aware, I’ve been working with Cincinnati Public Libraries to provide education outreach programming to their branches. We have now finalized a solid plan, and I’m happy to say it is mutually beneficial for Hive13, the libraries, and the community at large:

I proposed a few courses for consideration by the branches. They have selected, “Kitchen Chemistry”. My proposal was to teach kids and adults the wonders of polymers by making bouncy balls, slime, etc… the same chemicals would allow them to have a home kit to grow crystals, dry flowers and plants. Could also do a demo of dancing non-newtonian fluids and more. :).

I have arranged a budget for each course to be paid to us. It is tentatively set at $100-$150 per event.

The events are scheduled as follows:

Elmwood Place

6/9, 2 p.m.


6/11, 11 a.m.


6/11, 2 p.m.

Bond Hill

6/15, 4 p.m.


6/18, 2 p.m.


7/9 2 p.m.


7/13 2 p.m.


7/14 1 p.m.

Forest Park

7/18, 2 p.m.

Blue Ash

7/26, 1:30p.m.

I can coordinate this, but would appreciate it if anyone wanted to join me at this point refining and planning.

Please sign up to volunteer. We will need multiple instructors or helpers at events. If you wish to help with the planning stages, and development of cool stuff to do, add your name and contribution here:

In summation, this is win win for HIve13. It will also be a lot of fun. I have done programs like this before with kids (with these experiments), and it’s a blast for them and me!

We are being offered ample financial support to provide for supplies, logistics, and our organization. I do not anticipate a shortfall in funds (some margins are in the budget).

Please jump in, and contribute to this community building effort! It will be super fun for us too.

Lorin E. Parker

P.S. I am also circling wagons elsewhere. If anyone is interested in these efforts, please let me know.

I definitely want to help! I don’t know what my schedule will be this far out yet, but count me in to help in person on some of those dates/locations.

Also, just so you know, the sign up sheet isn’t open access right now (view only), so I can’t sign up! haha

I also want to volunteer, although not sure about my schedule this far in advance!

I’m happy to discuss chemistry ideas/help refine as well. You may have more than enough activities already–but here’s one I’d be interested in doing:

(To fit the theme, DNA is also a slimy, sticky polymer)


Elly - I changed the access permissions (oops)

Mike, great! Thanks!


I am going to go ahead and commit to these dates despite the fact that we do not have a volunteer force signed up and confirmed yet. Honestly, that is too difficult to accomplish at Hive13 so far in advance. However, I am confident that there are enough folks interested in showing off our amazing science prowess & serving the community, that we can handle this. I may also tap my students to support this, however, the library wants Hive13, not UC, so I don’t want this to become professor Parker’s show, rather than Hive13’s show…

I am agreeing to the budget set by the library of $150 per event.

Please contact me TODAY if there are any issues with this. I have received support from a few individuals, and thank them. I have received no other feedback otherwise, so I assume that this is copacetic.


We are committed to the Clermont County Maker Faire on 6/18 which is a conflict with one of your dates. Theirs is a one-off event and I don’t think it makes sense to try and set up a fight for available volunteers on this date.


Perhaps it would make sense to bring the programming you were planning for 6/18 to this location instead? They’d love to see more maker stuff and what you are doing is totally separate from the learn to solder program that is already committed. Might be able to share some volunteers that way?



I’ll connect with you later and work out the details, but 6/18 may be the perfect time to use my UC students for the CPL event, that way, more hive folks can attend your event.


Hiya Lorin! I've added my name to the volunteer list. I heard your plug for this last night and thought it would be a good opportunity for me to reciprocate volunteer work after asking for help from the Hive so many times.

The folks of the Contemporary Arts Center and I had an event last year that involved making the glow in the dark silly putty (and a black iron-oxide version that reacts to magnets), so there's a ton of Borax left over and probably as much glue. I've been given the go ahead by Jaime to offer it for this (she adores Ella from the library).

Also, I thought I heard you mention paying for help with this. I don't need to be paid, I'm volunteering.

Over and out,
Dan Hopkins

I’d be happy to help. Probably can only do a weekend date. I’ve put my name on the Google Doc.
I was going to help at the event on 6/18 (at Union library?) though.

I’ll definitely help plan, and volunteer on the days that I am available. I don’t have details about dates just yet though, so I will probably sign up closer to the event’s date.