Suggestion: Conflict resolution

I think it might be time to price some professional help. I can almost guarantee somebody in the professional fields can ask around and find somebody trained on this. Heck, somebody might need resume fodder. Or, other maker spaces can send enough delegates to form a 3 person panel. Sky’s the limit depending what people agree on in terms of procedure.

I think the level of baloney is getting toxic… past toxic. In all fairness to the officers and wardens, this is escalating beyond the normal scope of in group conflicts. Sure, it might cost some money… but the group is already paying the price of bearing the conflict, and the losses in members and potential growth are harder to measure than dollars and cents.

Discipline wise… how does it go? informal counseling, warden warning, vote to censure, suspension, conflict resolution, expulsion?? I haven’t looked it up. There is a censure procedure I take it?

There is no stick and the carrot is rotten.