Suggestion - Buying or building a mini PC

Seeking your guidance

Looking to buy a mini PC with excellent performance (important) with a budget of < $650.00 will go higher if their is a mini PC that so much better without breaking the bank . Barebone meaning no windows OS required ( must be windows compatible. also willing buy parts and build if its a better option.

Here is my mini pc usage

  • Act as 3d printer interface , to use slice, print using Repetier host, slic3r , Cura , sketchup
  • Be able to take on plane when traveling to Jamaica and back (this is the reason a choose mini PC)
  • Act a CNC printer interface for my shapeoko 2 to all the software( already pre orded)
  • HDMI connection flat screen connection
  • Able to run 24/7
  • expandable meaning a can upgrade ram etc
  • WiFi integrated - optional
  • Act as a little data server
  • Act as little web server
  • Run arduino software

Possible brand

  • Zotac
  • Intel NUC
  • Chinese clone or brand
  • open to suggestions

Thanks in advance please send link


Just buy you a nice notebook. :wink: It’ll do everything you’re asking for less.

By the way, did you get your Rigidbot yet?


No haven’t got the rigidbot yet but my shapeko 2 is on the way.

Although the notebook is a easy option, running it 24/7 makes it not viable. I wanted to have a better option as I have some other requirements for the mini PC

I saw this

If there is a small form PC I am open for recommendations


I run my notebook damn close to 24/7 for months on end as I leave it doing backups and checks when I sleep.
Just saying.

I have several laptops that I run 24/7 as well… they run just fine and have a built in UPS to boot!

My home server is actually a Lenovo laptop (old T-61 that’s been running for years.)