Stuff needs to be moved off of the shelf above the electronics work area.

Earlier today I went and took the carpet off the shelf above the electronics work area. The plan in a week or two is to have that shelf reserved for active projects only. This is so people who are working on projects in the electronics area and such don’t have to leave their projects in the work space. Doing this blocks the tools and workspace from everyone else and there is a chance that someone else trying to use those tools could do something to damage a project that is sitting there. There was not much there, but it all needs to go so active projects can be moved there. I think the list of items currently there are: a monstrously heavy crt, PlayerTwo’s VR headgear (we need to ask him what to do with this), a box of pvc pipe fittings (this may be from chris davis’ and paul’s led matrix), and a few small items. It would be nice if these could be moved as soon as possible.



The VR headgear is a project both Player2 and Myself have been meaning to get to but have not yet. It is to be be retrofitted with modern equipment OLED screens, accelerometers, etc, and made to work with linux. This item is definitely not for free. If it needs to leave the hive please let me know and either I or Player2 can pick it up. I can put it in a box and label it to put in upper storage if it’s not taking up too much room. I know I will not be getting to this in the near future.


I think maybe it just needs to be stored somewhere besides what Jon is
indicating is to be an active project work area only.

in the past the big CRT was used for testing PCs. i'll move it.

And I’ll be in there Saturday morning to deal with at least a couple of those projectors…