“Studio” space rental

  I’m a member of a pottery club. For my membership fee I get a shelf and access to all the equipment. The professionals in the studio rent studio space, where they keep their own equipment and can work on their stuff away from us plebeians. Apologies if this has been discussed, but with all the new space this seems like a good idea for Hive members that have small businesses. Both mine and my wife’s businesses are outgrowing our basement and this could be a good solution for people like us. I haven’t been to a meeting in ages, so maybe this has been talked to death. If not, what do you all think?


This has definitely been discussed. The whole move adventure and virus complication has clouded things.
I think the original thought was something like a 10’x10’ “studio” that could be rented. Of course the devil in the details part got complicated. How do we handle security, safety, etc.
Let’s see what people response to this email chain.
Might want to bring it up in the Slack channel.

This is very much in the works, and has been discussed among leadership and in the move meetings extensively. As an immediate thing, we are focused on just getting us moved and getting the new space set up well to grow. We do not want studios to be in the way of future expansion, or to be an inconvenience for those members who do not want or cannot afford a studio space. Once we are moved, it is very likely we will start by adding “cart parking spaces” as a perk of cornerstone membership. These would be something like a 2’ x 3’ taped of space that a rolling cart or toolbox coudl be parked in with personal tools and project storage space.

We would likely not do larger studios until we are comfortable in the space and take the next expansion. we don’t want to bite off more than we can chew in setting up these new storage/studio spaces at the same time as the massive undertaking that is moving to the new building.

Please note, that what I have said here is my understanding of many conversations spread over many months, and all of it is up for debate, subject to change, and may or may not actually reflect what we end up doing. It’s purely my expectation of where we will likely be headed with the concept, and others may have different ideas or understand what has been discussed differently from how I have envisioned it.


Kevin McLeod

There are a number of complexities that go along with this kind of space. On the surface, it’s simple. The implications are complex.
Research into legal requirements and the experience of other makerspaces has been done. Suffice it to say. It’s not simple.
A discussion of, Should we do it? What rules would need to be enforced? (can’t be a freeforall) What would the costs be? on and on,

It is fair to say that there is a very large pent up demand for this kind of studio space.

However the complexity of managing a bunch of studio space for a diverse population of makers is going to be a task.
It only takes one misbehaving primadonna to spoil a good thing. (I’m jaded from 30+ years of property rentals. Tenants - Ug.)

I’m in favor of working toward making studio space available. Just not at this time. The current 11,500 sq ft layout does not have the space for it.

The next expansion would have the space. Once the move is complete, we can take the next steps.

Stay healthy out there.

Dave Velzy
Hive13 COO

I’ll chime in, to float a different possible possibility (?) just to see the resulting discussion posts on this thread.

When I was last at 2701SG, DaveL and I met the landlord and walked past several “smaller” rental spaces built out on the 1st floor in the south building. One was an enclosed/locked small wood shop. As most folks know, the Hive is on most of the 3rd floor in the north building. I think I got a vibe from DaveV that the landlord preferred the Hive not ‘formally’ sub-rent spaces. I’d ask DaveV to further elaborate/correct this vibe?

Depending upon what amount of ‘extra space’ a Hive member may be wanting, if a cornerstone increment (2’x’3’ taped-off space as Kevin mentions) is not sufficient, and the member wants to ‘go big’ now, would it be appropriate for the member to private-contract approach the landlord to see the landlord’s intent/proposal to fill-out other spaces within the building volume with multiple small spaces for a diverse colony of individual artists/makers/startup entrepreneurs? I’d be interested to know what such landlord deals may look like. A hive member should certainly be able to go private-contract and end up with dedicated personal space in a different area, if that makes sense to them.

Or perhaps there is a goldilocks solution in the middle? What if we all thought to have the hive member short-term contract private space from the landlord at the far west end of the Hive’s 3rd floor south? This could be like the Hive’s version of the USA’s ‘Manifest Destiny’ in the 1800’s. The Hive is growing out from the east side of the 3rd floor south. If everyone liked the idea, member’s could private-contract spaces to go in starting on far-west (California) side of the 3rd floor south. They would contract with the landlord, separate from the Hive for now, and would still be 3rd floor south convenient to the Hive. At some point, down the road, the vast prairie grounds between east and west would grow out and/or the private spaces be absorbed, or outgrow and move? Just thinking…


Sublease of the Hive13 2701SG space is definitely forbidden by our lease. There are specific allowances for Hive13 to provide space as a privilege of membership, but that does not mean putting up walls and locking off space separate from Hive13. Another complexity of studio space is the impact on Hive13 culture. This is not trivial. Studio space should be a positive to the whole of Hive13 membership and not something that creates a sense of privilege or class. Studio space can’t be allowed to turn into a hoarders pile or an alternative to residence or a u-store locker. Rules for hazardous materials, heat sources or other obnoxious things like noise must be established.

Those are the details that we will need to work out as a larger group. In the future. After the move.

There is plenty of space at 2701SG to lease at good rates if anyone wishes to take that independent step. There are both offices and workspaces. Artists are already moving in on other floors.

Hive13 has the right of first refusal for all of the 3rd floor north side. I would personally be against having anyone take a portion of that 3rd floor space as that would block our already planned future expansion. (which is covered in our 5 year lease with options to continue for a total of 15 years) Anyone moving into the west end of the third floor would short circuit the proper expansion with necessary discussion and establishment of rational rules. There is no benefit or advantage to Hive13 to have anyone occupy that space.

If anyone needs space to lease, there is plenty available that does not conflict with the Hive13 expansion plans.

However, that would be a separate deal and not part of Hive13. If you are interested, ask and I can make an introduction.

I personally would not rent a space on another floor separated from Hive13. I live just 5 minutes away and have a house that is entirely too large to justify paying for a remote space to work alone in. It is community that I am seeking.

I have probably been the most vocal about wanting a private studio space within Hive13 and have offered to pay $1200 cash in advance for a years with of “consideration” (we’re not supposed to call it “rent”) to get the ball rolling. That is CASH that Hive13 has walked away from. It is with near certainly that feel that Dave V’s “It only takes one misbehaving primadonna to spoil a good thing” is directed specifically at me. I have alluded to salting and dry fish (joking), co-working and take occasional naps (not joking) in my personal space and I can’t imagine how that would sound threatening to Hive13.

Personally, I think that going through elaborate efforts to make it sound more complicated than it is and to create a structure of rules in advance to protect against the boogeyman is silly and very anti-Hive13. We’ve managed to run an extraordinarily successful operation for over a decade with all manner of weirdo as members and just let them do their thing… whatever that thing may be.

My 2 cents.


If anyone could send me the landlords contact info I’d appreciate it. Those smaller spaces might be what my wife and I need.

Far from being against the idea of studio spac, I believe that I was the one who brought it up in the first place as part of the discussion to move to 2701.

Actually, my comments were not about Dave or anyone in particular at all.

IMO you either sweat the details up front or spend way more time unfnKing problems. With all the associate pain and chaos of a mess.

Regarding the term: rent. The word rent has implications in Ohio tenancy law which could require a trip to court to evict space holders versus action by Hive13 alone.

Our lease specifies the tenancy of the space is vested in Sad Bee Inc,= Hive13 and not the individual members of Hive13 who have no tenancy position. If in the future Hive13 should offer studio space as a privilege to members in good standing in consideration for a certain dues rate, the studio space rights would end with termination of membership.

It is that kind of detail that makes the administration of the space less burdensome.

It’s also a good idea to look at other maker spaces as a basis for comparison.

Artisans Asylum in Somerville Ma has the following rules regarding their space policy. (And they are pretty relaxed about rules)


When work/life calms down, I’m going to be approaching the landlord about renting space to put electronics assembly equipment the hive doesn’t care enough about to want in its space.
You can come make salt fish in my hobbit hole, Dave.
-Dave (B)

I would find tape-marked floor space for my tool cart a HUGE plus. What, by the way, is cornerstone membership?

Also, by the way, as a newcomer, I’m working toward figuring out how things happen. I am mightily impressed and appreciative of the Hive13 leadership and member support. Thank you!

  • Malcolm

Malcolm (and anyone else who hasn’t seen this),

Check out this thread: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/cincihackerspace/TuoCaX4aJPE

It explains the new “Cornerstone Corner” perks of cornerstone membership ($100/month contribution to Hive13 instead of the normal $50/month dues), and explains how to change to cornerstone membership to get one of the spaces.


Kevin M.
Hive13 Secretary