Striker II USB Laser Guided Missile Launcher hack challenge

A Striker II USB Laser Guided Missile Launcher was acquired at the
Detroit Maker Faire and is being donated to the HIVE as a hack
challenge. It will be at the HIVE starting tonight.

- Control via USB connection to your computer (or hack to a Teensy or
- Motorized rotate and tilt base functions built-in
- Real laser guidance system (class 3R) toggles on/off for pinpoint
- Fires three missiles (made from soft foam)
- Includes CD with PC software
- Power from USB or 3 AA batteries

What interested individuals want to team up to mount it onto a Sumobot
chassis (or merge it with the Xbox Kinect) as an autonomous HIVE
sentry or some such for fun and games?


bad ass.

I figured it was going to be perimeter defense for Galileo’s finger.