Storage idea

So I saw this and thought we could use it at the hive, I also saw 8x4 versions.

definitely have some vertical space to work with. we could make this work. at least fit a couple of them. what were you thinking of using this for storing, Dan? I’d be a little afraid of things that were too heavy.

I had a nice long informational reply about pros and cons of this idea based on past expereinces, but chrome decided that it didn’t want to actually post it when I hit post. :frowning:

I’m happy to discuss the whole thing at one of the meetings, but I don’t have it in me to rewrite another 30 minute long post on the subject, especially if there is only a passing interest.

Dave: I have not thought this one out too deeply as I haven’t researched I believe that one has a 250lb limit, this may be an idea for wood storage if we can find a strong enough one. (hell we could make them with the metal shop and a shop bought winch system, we can get a 3000lb winch for 300 from a quick search) I saw one I didn’t link closer to 1000lb and 8x4 storage for a larger size and huge price jump.

Will B: I haven’t heard the pros and cons of these, I assume the typical risk of having something overhead in general and if it gets locked up. I wont be able to make a meeting for a while due to work but would love to hear more about it