Storage box building day 2.0

Hello everyone,

The first round of storage boxes were a huge success. We’ve gotten the process of cutting and gluing the boxes pretty streamline on the CNC now (thanks for those who helped/waited the first time).

The next build day will be Tuesday, July 7th from 4pm until the meeting.

We will provide basic plywood priced at $20 a box. This plywood will be building grade, not cabinet grade. You can also bring/use your own plywood in a 4’x8’ peice for one box.

You need to RSVP on this email thread if you are planning to come down so we have enough plywood, and supplies on hand. If you work or cannot make it before the meeting, we can still cut your box out and you can put it together after the meeting/another day. We still need your rsvp for the wood purchase.



Rsvp for myself. I will come after work (get there near 5)

I can’t find anything about storage box day 1.0. Can you please tell us more what this is about, and maybe point to a picture?

For the past year we have been talking about transitioning our current unorganized, mishmash of personal storage shelves and lockers into a uniform system. The idea is to provide organized and fair personal storage for members, present a cleaner and more streamline hive overall, and re-purpose the old storage areas into something more useful, such as a work area and/or more efficient storage for other things.

For a few months, we’ve discussed and developed boxes with lids to replace the current storage. These boxes go on the back pallet racks, and eventually more pallet racks as we transition all of the storage. They measure 30cm x 40cm x 100cm, (If someone requires more than one box, or less than one box of storage, we can work out the details of getting 2 boxes, or just a half size box.)

Each person can customize their space with a neat nameplate, by painting their box, sectioning it off inside, making shelves inside, putting drawers in, making it into a convertible and mobile fold out work space, etc. There have been a lot of ideas, so it is up to each person, as long as they stay within the confines of the space allotted and all boxes have lids.

So far we have about 6 basic boxes that have been made. These building days are for the basic box form.

If you follow our twitter feed some of the post recent posts were of the box building day and a finished box. You can find it here:

Also, here is the wiki page detailing more for the plan. This is a bit out of date as it hasn’t been updated since the plan has been put into action!

Cool, thanks!

Elly, I am there!! I will bring my own plywood.

Is it a possibility to build a half box? I don’t think I can lift a full size box when full.


If you need to borrow a truck with an 8ft bed… I’m betting you could easily fit about 120 sheets that are 1/2" thick in there.

Recommended plywood thickness is 3/8" or 11/32" (both standard sizes). 1/2" makes boxes too heavy, and 1/4" isn’t strong enough.

Lorin and anyone else: You can absolutely make half boxes. You can make 2 to fill a whole space, to make moving them more manageable. OR you can make just one if you don’t have a need for that much storage, and only use half a spot.

Dave, I will let you know if we need a truck, thank you very much for offering! Last time we managed nicely with a car, but if we have many people interested, we might not be able to get it all.

I'll throw in my rsvp

I’m RSVPing too!
I’ll use the provided plywood.

RSVP for the wood. I’ll probably even be there.

RSVP’d so far I’ve got:

  • Daniel

  • Lorin (bringing own wood)

  • Jim

  • Tom

  • Marcus

I am willing to take 2 to 3 more people before I will consider the build day “full”. Please RSVP no later than this Sunday, July 5, as I need to arrange to purchase the wood.

If anyone is able, it would be nice to have the money put in the drop box beforehand; an envelope with “box building” would be great. Otherwise, please arrive with $20 on Tuesday (except Lorin, who will be bringing his own wood).



Please count me in for the wood. I’m in the “I think I’d like 2 half-size boxes so we’ll ponder that”.
There is a >50% chance I can bring the money on Monday.
I’m doing this to get some up-close time with the CNC.

The wood has just been taken care of! I ordered 5 sheets, so this build day is closed to new RSVP’s unless you bring your own plywood.

The boxes take about 25 minutes to CNC and 15 minutes to glue up. This is not a class on the big CNC, but while you wait you can learn some about the CNC and its operation!

As expected the wood costs $20. Again, please remember to bring your money on Tuesday!

Thanks everyone, and see you between 4pm and 7pm tomorrow,