While I'm thinking about it...

Mitch pointed out these two things while he was here this week. 1)
Hive13 doesn't have any stickers. 2) Stickers are awesome.

He recommended this company as being good people with good prices

Can I ask someone to volunteer to take charge of ordering some for us?

You'd need to come up with a simple design that has our logo, web
address, and physical address. Ask around if you need help with the
design. We should probably go for the 1000 sticker roll which is $100
for one-color and $150 for two-color. ( ) If you
do some research and find a better source, awesome.

Order them and Hive13 can reimburse you, or if you need us to front
the cash to you we can arrange that. But let us know if you're doing
it so multiple people don't place orders.

Thanks in advance to anyone that volunteers to do this.


i have a bunch on my plate at the moment, but i can help contribute to
the fronting of cash, if needed.

I want to clarify what I said earlier about the funding. To fund this
we'd have to vote on it or pass around a hat to collect the cash (or
use pledgie). I don't have the power to promise people $100-$150
outright. I will definitely chip in for it if we go that route.

Maybe if ten people put in $10 then they each get 100 stickers to do
with as they please? If you leave your stickers at the hive for free
usage or if you keep them to yourself is up to you. I'd put in $10 or


Elly will work on a design for this sticker. Do you guys have any preferred shape or size? (we will not be able to purchase the stickers, but we will provide the design if you guys approve of it).
Maybe she should do multiple shapes and one and two color versions and then see which one everyone likes best.