stepper motor driver

A friend is looking for a way to drive a stepper motor and needs a solution in a hurry. Here is the part mentioned in the tutorial he is working from:

SN754410ne H-Bridge

Here is the tutorial he is working from:

Here is the motor he is using:

Any suggested sources that would allow us to get the parts today would be very much appreciated!

Thank you,

Check Microcenter. They have a very good selection of in-stock electronic hobbyist boards, including some motor control stuff. You’re not going to do much better than that here in town TODAY IMHO.

Specifically, this will get you going in a hurry.

I have one of these that is not presently in use, and could bring it to the hive later today. I suspect the micro center trip will be faster for you, though.

You can also wire one of these directly to an arduino.

You’ll notice it’s higher cost and single output, though.

  • Ry

Thanks a bunch guys. Microcenter was my suggestion for him too after I wasted an hour digging through my overflowing boxes of random parts, wires and screws looking for the driver board I know is in there somewhere. I'll find it accidentally tomorrow while looking for something else.