Steel drum piece in welding room

I was trying to figure out if this belong to anyone or if it was scrapped as I need it for a project. If anyone else has scrap steel drums they are able to get a hold of I would greatly appreciate it if you could let me know.

I left it because I didn’t need it and I thought it might make a good fume hood for the electronics area with minor modifications.

I can lay my hands on about 3 drums right now that used to have LEADED RACE GAS in them. I’ll be at the shop in Milford where they are in the next 2 weeks as I have a vette to finish up once it is mechanically sound. I’d prefer not to make a special trip to pick them up. These are routinely available at a slow(ish) pace as fuel is used up during the race season (April - October). There are a couple other speed shops (Fairfield, Miamitown) that I can get empty race gas or ethanol barrels from, when available. About half the time, ethanol barrels are plastic not metal.

As the weather gets colder, I get access to drums which contained food-grade propylene glycol (animal feed antifreeze) from a buddy who runs a feed plant. Again, the colder it is, the more of these I can acquire. Generally no more than 1-2 per month when it is below 40F. I have to go pick these up off river road west of downtown/price hill. These are what I built the smokebox of my smoker from.

Let me know how many you need, whether you need them to have food-safe stuff in them, how much rust bothers you, etc.


Thanks a ton for the response Dave I sent you a personal email. This could really really help some people out.