Steam Family Library Sharing

So I got a fairly large selection of video games on steam, and I don’t quite have a lot of time to play them, so I figure that I would like to try and share with someone who’s down at the hive to kill some time and have a bit of fun. Steam has an “Family Library Sharing” option which enables you to share your steam library with other users, and they can download and play to their hearts content. You can only share to 5 users, but to i think an account can receive as many authorizations as they have family members willing to share. The only downside that i know of is that you can only have one person playing a game at a given time.

So what if we just made a generic “hive13” steam account to act as a hub so that those who don’t mind sharing their library through that account can do so there? Then anyone at the hive can access those games whenever they want (assuming that person isn’t playing a game at the time).

Thoughts, opinions, concerns?

Probably not a bad idea,

I don’t have much time to play Steam games either, but we might as well pool resources. :slight_smile: my only concern with a common account is access. I’d rather not have the common access on one of the 3D printer room computers so that they stay more open for fabrication. It might be worth talking to Will and seeing if we could set something up on the computer that he brought if it can handle the games.

-Jim Shealy

I totally agree that this should not be on the FabLab PC's.

I just read up on the "Family Sharing" thing a bit. Looks like you can still basically only have one person using the account at a time:
"Shared games will be unavailable on even an authorized device when the account holder’s library is currently in use on another computer."

That being said I would have no problem sharing my account (250-ish games or so). I'm not usually playing during the day (being asleep and all) so mine should generally be available.

  - Dark Ian