Steam Community Group for the Hive

Deckmaster, nauseaboy, and I had some fun playing TF2 the other night and I figured I would make a Hive13 steam community group.

The Steam community group helps us figure out who else uses steam and that then makes it easier for us to get together to play online.

And being a genius, I forgot the link:

The best multiplayer game is not on steam W:A or WWP. I dont have W:A
though. Worms Armageddon and Worms World Party. If you dont want to
pay there is an open source version called hedgewaes with online
multiplayer also.

When we setup our internal profile pages we can add fields for listing Plastation IDs (PSN) and xbox, steam, whatever to help members connect and play.


someone should throw charles_bronson an invite :smiley:

I just decided rather than try to hassel with invites and such, the group is public, just click the join button.

Invite to zapgun plz kthxbai.

Ok not enough coffee yet.