Status Update: Camera System

Hello all,

After much blood, sweat and procrastination I have our new camera server
up and functioning. Our first new camera, which Greg and I mounted on
the dust collector beam a few weeks ago, is recording to our file server
and updating to the website spypage. With this done, adding new cameras
is as simple as hooking them up to the network and entering a few
variables on the server. As such the rest of the cameras should be added
relatively soon, it is now just a matter of running network cables to
the necessary locations. At minimum I will try to upgrade the kitchen
and fablab cameras this weekend as the cables are already present. In
the meantime, check out for a lovely view of the CNC
router table.


Ian B.

Ian, thanks for working on it.

Is the new camera looking at the vacuum former?

So far we only have the one new camera set up, looking down the center of the hive toward the front door. It’s facing the same way as the camera that used to be there, but it does have a wider field of view so it gets more of the CNC area. You can look on the website to see what all is within view.

Ian B.

I was able to finally see the new hi-def wide-angle view. :flushed:
In Chrome browser on my iPhone I had to clear the history. For some reason it was showing the old grey screen block, even when I refreshed it.
Looks super cool!