Status of Saturday Cleanup and Electrical Improvements/Cameras.

With the help of John Sikorski (and his wife), Marcus, Hutch, Dave Lear, and everyone else who showed up for the hive13 Saturday cleanup, the hive has been swept, the kitchen area has been cleaned, and our general workbench has been cleared off. I appreciate everyone’s time and effort in getting the space clean!

With that said, Jon, Ryan, Jason, Hutch, and I spent the rest of the afternoon getting our cabling in place for the upgraded 220v lines for our dust collection system, air compressor, and CNC machine. We were unable to source the MC cable for the welder today, but, I will work on that for Monday.

We did not work on the security cameras today, however, we may work on them one night this week (or next weekend)

Also, above the welding door, there is now a yellow light. On the other side of the door to the dirty room, there is a switch next to an indicator light. If you are welding or doing anything that might disturb someone who is walking into the room, please turn the switch on to let people know that you’re welding/painting/practicing hot yoga and act accordingly.

Thanks again for everyone who came out today, and, if you have any questions or need anything addressed, please let me know.