Started work on Hive13 Bootstrap Theme

After a few weeks of feeling burnt out on web stuff after work, I’ve finally gotten a chance to sit down and start on the new site theme.

It’s still mostly defaulty as of writing, but you can find the project repo here:

For those wanting to preview it and not familiar with modern front-end development, you’ll need to install nodejs (managed by joyent) or iojs. (OS stewardship) After that, you’ll need to run these steps:

  • npm install brunch -g
  • npm install bower -g
  • cd (or chdir) into the repo folder
  • npm install && bower update
    You can then preview it by running brunch watch -s (aliased as npm test) and pointing your browser at localhost:3333.

I’ll try to get a wiki page up tonight, as well.

Oh, quick note to Windows users: The build command (npm run build) is currently platform specific because lessc uses the path separator in the command line argument. I’ll fix that at some point.

Just checked it out. Looks very bootstrappy! :slight_smile: I’ll be watching the repo for updates!

Hey Joseph,

Out of curiosity… How do you update the git repo from bower? I noticed that after I pulled from the github repo that you added a bit more to make it look more hive-y. It seems like it would be annoying to have to delete everything and reinstall it every time you update it!

Unfortunately, until I actually get around to tagging versions (which I should probably at least tag minor ones, anyway.) deleting bower_components/bootstrap-hive-13 (or whatever it ends up being called) then running bower update again is the way to do it.

I’ve had a crush of work for the past couple weeks, so haven’t had time/energy to do anything with it for a bit.