"Star Wars Day" open Hack-a-thon at Hive13 this Saturday

It is short notice, but Hive13 will be open this Saturday, May 4, for
a general all-day miscellaneous projects hack-a-thon in honor of “Star
Wars Day”. Come on down to work on a project or just hang out and
kabitz anytime from 10:00am, through the afternoon, and till (?) at

We’ll be working on the CinD LOU project during this time. The eyes
have LED illumination and are making coordinated left/right moves
using the iPhone>BlueTooth>Arduino setup that was shown at the meeting
last Tuesday. We'll be lasering other piece parts and rigs for the
remaining head actions during the day. We can then connect up the
Kinect to start controlling coordinated neck and eye motions. (Hey
Craig, we're finally getting there!) Work has been done on the
locomotion as well. There is an assortment of mechanical, electrical
and software opportunities to work on.

Others are welcome to join in and/or work on their own individual or
group projects too.

And what is the appropriate greeting on Star Wars Day? Well, for
those who still may not know, or those who appreciate painful PUN-
ishment, it is, “MAY the 4th be with YOU!”


“May the 4rth…” argh, bad bad (grin) I may be down there, I’m thinking about stopping in today as well.

Ill be down today in the morning till around lunchtime.