Stanford AI class

Many of you have already heard of the online class that Stanford is
offering (Introduction to Artificial Intelligence), and I know some of
you have enrolled in it. Registration is open until October 9th - see

The schedule of the course is here:
Lectures for the course are posted weekly, it sounds like.

I would be interested in meeting at the Hive on a weekly basis with
anyone else who enrolls in this course, and going through the lectures
and assignments as a group. It would hold me more accountable than if
I stayed home and tried to do the course alone, and I find that having
groups for discussion helps everyone understand difficult material.
Who else would be interested? And what days of the week would work?


There are two “tracks” for the class

  1. the basic track - in which you watch lectures and answer basic quizzes. This is not the full course. But you will still learn all the basics of AI.
  2. the advanced track - is the full class, which aspires to be of Stanford difficulty. You do homework assignments and take exams.
    They also say that you can switch between tracks at any point in time without repurcusions.

Hodapp & I have signed up for the “Advanced” track, however I would imagine that both the basic & advanced will be going through the same material. So if you do not want to be bound to doing the homework & exams then just sign up for the “Basic” track.

Once it gets closer to start of the course we will need to figure out the optimal time to be down at the hackerspace each week to go over the class material & do the homework.

Ben Jones, a friend of mine (though not a Hive member) has also signed
up for the course and is willing to join us when we meet.

I’ll be signing up as well

– though still not a member, this will probably force my hand … into the pocket :smiley:

I’m regged, depending on time/night might be interested too.

I signed up as well. The advanced track should be fun...

Signed up earlier for the advanced track. Definitely would like to meet up.


Once we decide what day we should do a blog posting about this. Ensure people know that the study group is open for non-members as well.


You read my mind on this. I'm surprised how many responses rolled in
so far. We should be careful, though, that we don't run afoul of any
of their rules about discussing the assignments or tests, particularly
if we're going to make a public post about this.

Eh, can publish it as a “Study Group” problem solved.

We also might make sure that blog post makes its way to here:

Next question, since this class is coming up soon: When would people
be willing to show up at the Hive for this? I could do Wednesday or
Thursday evenings, and possibly Mondays (though not preferred).

I could do Mondays or Wednesdays, Thursdays aren't a good time for me.

I have not signed up yet, but vote for Wednesday night, starting at
6:00pm or 6:30.


I'm now signed up for BASIC and really looking forward to it. Jim

My schedule is pretty flexible, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday all work for me.

I have kids that need lots of attention. Swinging Tuesday nights is hard enough for me. Let me know what you guys decide but all nights are equally shitty for me, more or less.