Standing rock shelter project

Hi All,
Mike and I have been discussing how best to help our friends out at standing rock. We came up with the idea of trying to make a shelter we could take out there for them. We wanted to see if anyone else would be interested in helping out. We are looking at the open source shelter 2.0 that would use cnc’d plywood.

Please let us know if you are interested in helping!
Tiff and Mike

Let me know what you need. I'm willing to help.



1) Collect and deliver supplies needed for winterization and daily life at
the main camp.
2) Create a winter shelter, drive it there and assemble on-site, I'm
looking at the Shelter 2.0 and DIY yurt plans. Ownership would be handed
over to the medics and healers council.

Goal 1 is my focus right now, and can happen even if Goal 2 doesn't.
Delivery could be in-person or shipped. Check out the donation list here:

For the shelter: Both time and $ are limited resources for Tiffany and
myself unfortunately. We will be looking at options more seriously during
the UC winter mini-quarter starting next week. If you happen to have
experience building something like this we would follow your lead! Some
supplies that we will probably/definitely need:

   - canvas or other weatherproofing material for exterior
   - fiberglass batting or other insulation material
   - propane space heater or wood-burning stove
   - $


Have you looked at any of the canvas surplus medical tents/small barracks. Old canvas, wax, and a heat gun can make it very wind and water repellent. Also I have had huge luck with the harbor freight mini vinyl garage systems and the original boxes are very easy to get somewhere…or use the coupon on it and ship it to them directly. I have worked on friends boats who have them in the snow with some small heaters inside and it was very effective.

Thanks Kevin! We have not looked into surplus tents but should definitely do that. We are looking at some sheds/outbuildings on craigslist as an option. Will definitely need to upgrade with insulation. North Dakota winter is pretty harsh, doubtful about a harbor freight garage handling the wind and subzero nights…

Have you considered the Hexayurt?

It’s basically 12 sheets of 8x4 plywood, 6 whole sheets and 6 cut diagonally in half. The structure is held together by filament tape and held to the ground with ropes and stakes or rebar. It’s a popular shelter at Burning Man, where they use insulation panels instead of plywood.

Here is a video:

A nice feature of the design is that you can source the sheets pretty much anywhere, so you can build one or two to teach the locals, and then they can build more with locally sourced sheets. The only truly unique items are the tape and plastic tubes for the anchors, which are way easier to transport than 8x4 sheets.

The design is pretty expensive, but I would be happy to help raise funds for the project.

If you are able to find any of the canvas tents there are GREAT plans out there for making a radiant wood heater using a 55gal drum and metal pipe out through an opening for exhaust. You can either bolt, rivet, weld hinges on a cutout piece of the drum. Then for added heat transfer some drilled holes and pieces of rebar put through the drum to conduct heat out as well as a great way of drying wet boots etc and can be sealed in places with quickcrete repair stuff in a caulking tube. There is also the ability to make an UTLRA nice one using 1 1/2 to 2 drums and cut and hinge doors in that can have racks side in for cooking. Lastly on the top of the drum you can add a thicker piece of metal for better heat transfer or leave as it to heat up hot water for coffee and other things. There are great ways to set those up as they can run off of wood or stove pellets from like tractor supply and there is not a need for liquid or pressured fuels. Given the situation going on there I would think any chance to stay away from liquid or pressurized gas would be the way to go, I have a 2 head radiant propane heater and it got knocked over once on accident and things did not go well lol and one of my kerosene heaters formed a leaked that luckily just made a mess. Storage of the wood pellets or firewood is about the safest storage means there is with fuels in that kind of situation.

Good luck with the stuff I just had my brake booster go down in one of the vehicles and the part is going to take over a week and a half to get here so I am down to one car between katie and I. I likely wont have the car stuff squared away until mid december and getting both cars up on their maintenance overhauls. If you end up wanting to make the wood stove out of the steel drum ill try to find a day I can snag the car from katie. Lol and hopefully once that all comes to a halt someone would end up with a simple cheap small building heater lol or something to at least get hot water for a shower going :slight_smile: That is something that people are just so used to that the second its freezing out and they dont have it…lol it becomes hell.

Thanks Kevin and Chris :slight_smile: Yeah I’ve looked at some DIY steel drum wood burner plans, and we may go with that. The situation at the main camp on federal land does not seem too “volatile”…it’s when protestors have tried to protest or camp on private land that the tear gas and rubber bullets have come out. However I thinking that wood burner is a better option b/c of safety issues like you mentioned.

Hmm, hexayurts…had not really considered it because of tape-based construction. But looking at it, it seems to be a stronger and more weather-resistant method than I assumed.

As a big picture side note: there is a multi-approach effort going on to winterize the camps. Tipis are going up, tiny houses have been donated, there’s a yurt company from Alaska putting them up and training people. With 5000+ people at the main camp the challenge is time and resources. I see our potential contribution primarily as allowing a few more people to move from a tent into a real winter-ready, warm shelter, while using minimal construction time and local materials.


If they are looking to winterize on a large scale those wood pellet stove bags from rural king are great and can be stored tightly it a storage bin rather than lumber. I do know that they give discounts if you get stuff by the pallet, they also sell empty steel drums cheap usually if you cannot find any places tossing any. Luckily since your just converting it to a stove the whole food safe is not a huge deal and the cabinet hinges, knob, and vent pipe can be had for cheap. If you end up wanting to fab some up give me a shout. Good luck with it all sir, I am fully behind the cause and whatever keeps it peaceful and a message given by numbers.

Thanks Kevin :slight_smile: Next week when Tiffany is on break we should be able to get at this project more seriously.

2 related things that popped up today on the interwebs:

The construction crew at the Oceti Sakowin camp just got a donation page up. I’ve emailed them.

US news and world reports has a story about the winterization efforts:


Good news for the protesters/water protectors! I’ll be watching and communicating to find whether a large number will still be staying at the camp, and if this effort would still be helpful.


After consideration, we think that bringing supplies will be a better use of time and $ than building a shelter. I’m planning a trip out, probably leaving tuesday next week. If you want to donate cold weather supplies let me know. Wool socks, wool blankets, thermal underwear are especially needed. Will pick up a bunch of wood pellet fuel and water in mineapolis.

I’d like to make a wood-burning barrel stove this weekend. Kevin will you be around? :slight_smile:

facebook group for supplies:

I have to be Santa for few different departments and Monroe historical society that I already have engagements with. On top of that we found out my niece has diabetes the hard way and has been admitted to children’s. then to top things off katie and I are down to one car after a seal gave out in my brake booster assembly that is a pain in the #! $ to take in and out. I tried to get started on it last night as all of the parts are showing up but ran out of fuel for my torpedo heater. I need to add a fuel warmer to run the waste oil side when the cold air is blowing that hard.

Sorry to be out of commission but December ALWAYS find a way to beat me to a pulp.

no worries Kevin, sounds like a full cr*pload to deal with. maybe we can bring oliver to see “santa kevin”…