spring cleaning!

I started cleaning out stuff in 3C area in preparation for bringing in my 42U server rack to replace the one we’re using now. This mostly consisted of sorting through things that we already have boxes for and putting them in their new place. I also put a few motherboards and PCs that are below our minimum “keep it” level over by the pile of stuff to dispose of. If anyone wants any of it, help yourself. (Off the top of my head - i915 chipset motherboard - new condition, pentium3 class motherboard-cpu, pentium 4 class desktop with RIMMs eeeeewwww)

I also dragged out two old oscilloscopes that were gathering dust. Both appear to power on. One is a pure analog scope (Heathkit) and the other is what appears to be an incredibly early DSO that can save traces to a 5.25" floppy. No that isn’t a joke. Neither of them has been used since I became a member of the hive a couple years ago. I’m all in favor of keeping useful stuff that we might make use of. I also think we should get rid of questionably useful stuff. This is more Jon’s department than mine, but I’m going to suggest:
-Get rid of the decrepit DSO. The hive has my Rigol DS1052E on permanent loan.
-Test the Analog scope. Assuming it still works (which it appears to), keep it.
-Get a set of probes to use with the Heathkit analog scope so we don’t have to steal them from other scopes. This is <$20, ebay.

There is a lot of other “crap” in 3C that I really think needs to either be moved to an upper rack out of the way for long term storage or gotten rid of. It would be nice to have another set of eyes and hands on this job. I’m going down for a few hours M - W - F generally but if you can help just email the list and we’ll figure it out.

I’m planning on moving the servers from their current location to a 42U compaq server rack on castors once I get it out of my basement and over to the hive. I’m a little concerned about power. We might need to move a power outlet or change where the power strips that are in the racks are powered from. Any and all suggestions in this regard are welcomed.

-Dave B.