Spindle sander not working

After about 1 minute of use the spindle stopped working. Disc still spins.

I rebuilt the spindle side of that thing a while back, it’s pretty simple, and the manual is on our wiki

It’s probably that the set screw in one of the bevel gears is loose or a key vibrated out. don’t hesitate to try and fix it, like I said, it’s a pretty simple machine.

Spindle is fixed. It turns out the set screws on the motor shaft had worked loose.

Anybody know whet the smaller drums might be for it?

Would it make sense to locktite the threads of the set screw to keep this from happening again?

I have recently gotten fed up with set screws on my door knobs working loose and have been on a locktite rampage.

Locktite is a good idea on almost all threaded fasteners