Spindle and Belt Sander Purchase Discussion

Hey everyone,

The old Rigid spindle/belt sander died a while ago (due to an internal plastic part breaking). Kevin brought in a vertical belt sander to try to compensate, and it is a nice sander, but it really isn’t a good replacement for the spindle/belt sander.

Coy had bought the same exact spindle/belt one we had before, and it’s been in use at the space for about a month.

I’d like to start a discussion about if we want to keep using the one Coy brought, or if we would like to upgrade. There are some really nice dedicated spindle sanders that will last for a long long time. If we get a more industrial spindle sander, I would want to also get a horizontal oscillating sander, as I think it is necessary to have BOTH. This is one of the more versatile and commonly used tools in the wood shop.

I’d like to know what a few people think before holding a vote for funds.



Approximate costs?