Special Meeting Postponement

Hey all,

I know we’ve all been thinking hard about these bylaw changes. There has been a lot of good discussion on the list, looking at the changes with new eyes. We want to incorporate points of this discussion, and continue to try and find solutions that will best fit the Hive. We also want to hire someone with legal expertise to take a look at everything!

As such, leadership is postponing the Special Meeting. We’d like to try for November 1st (this will be officially announced later).

To some of you this may seem like we are stopping, waiting, or quitting. We will NOT stop the forward progress. Let’s keep the discussion going, keep the edits flowing, and keep churning through this. I’d like to begin holding weekly or biweekly meetings to continue the discussion in person. I really encourage anyone passionate about this to attend one of these; I think many things are easier to understand and quicker to work out in person, rather than over list.

Let’s keep up the good work,


Thank you very much for making such a sane decision. With the extra time, I think we’ll be able to do a much better job of writing effective changes that reflect at least a strong majority of Membership.

Agreed. We have a solid discussion going and cutting it off early can only end with dissatisfaction all around. That being said, lets not delay too long, lest our collective ADHD kick in :slight_smile:

  • Ian B.