Special Election for Open Director (Board) Position - Open Nominations

We are opening the Nominations process to fill the open Director position. Currently Shawn Steward is filling the position, pending nominations and the subsequent Special Election, which will be held two weeks from today, on October 11, with polling then closing on October 25. Any Member is eligible for nomination, and we recommend that you talk with the Member you wish to nominate prior to nomination. You may also nominate yourself.

Director Responsibilities

The duties of the Directors shall include the authority to:

  1. Uphold and advance the purposes of the Corporation.
  2. Manage and control the affairs, contracts, funds and property of the Corporation.

The Directors may delegate their authority to fulfil all roles required by Ohio and Federal law and these bylaws.


In order to be eligible to be nominated as a Director, a person must be a Full Member (or equivalent) as defined in these bylaws for three (3) consecutive months.

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I’d like to nominate myself Timothy Gregg, also known as Complete.
Do I have a second?

not sure you need to worry about a Second, but I gotchu. Seconded.

Awe, but I love roberts rules.

I am nominating myself to continue.

As another admirer of Roberts Rules (I have no idea what parliamentarian procedures the bylaws reference to), I would like to second the nominations for both Tim Gregg and Shawn Steward. Here-here!


Tim has been a hive member for a very long time, and has done a huge variety of different types of projects in different areas. He also embodies what I consider to be an essential quality of a hive leader: when presented with someone’s desire to do something new, his immediate response is always “awesome, let’s figure out how to make that work” instead of listening a million reasons why we can’t do something.

I’ll definitely back his nomination.

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Kevin, Thank you for the kind words. I went back and looked at the mission statement as it relates to the topic.

Hive13’s mission to to encourage people to make. We strive to see people discuss and build their dreams. Our goal is to promote science & technology education, open source values, and skill sharing amongst it’s members and the community.

Just a note: it’s loaded with grammatical errors lol.

That aside, My personal thoughts is it’s more than encouraging but along the lines of empowering people. If it’s within our power to do so, let’s do it.

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