Special Announcement

It is my unfortunate duty to inform you that Hive13 Leadership has voted to terminate the membership of Matt Ziegler due to a number of violations of our Membership Agreement. In short, Hive13 members are personally responsible for the safety and good behavior of guests. Matt allowed his unsupervised guests to steal not only a member’s personal property, but also Hive13’s property. An additional and important factor in the judgment of leadership was Matt’s lack of recognition of his own responsibility for the thefts. People make mistakes.Owning up to that is a critical part of preventing them from being repeated.

This was an extremely difficult proceeding for Leadership, as we have not had to investigate thefts in our 14 years as an organization.

We recognize that this was a complicated situation, and that, as Leadership, there were aspects of the proceedings that we could have handled differently. It is our goal to use this experience to craft better policy moving forward.

I welcome any offline questions or comments that you may have as we navigate a better way to keep Hive13 a vibrant, creative and safe space for all of our Members (and Guests.)

Kate Cook
President, Hive13

I said this on slack and I’ll repeat it here.

You are absolutely responsible for your guests. There are no exceptions for ignorance, carelessness or anything else. If you don’t want to be responsible for other people, don’t bring them into Hive13. The end.

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I applaud our leadership and their dealing with this unenviable task.

It’s rare we have to handle matters like this, which makes it all the more uncomfortable. Since 2009, I saw only two other votes with termination of membership at stake (one in 2014, and one in 2019), and those two were far simpler.