Speaker Building (Home Audio)

Hey All!

I’m current assembling a DIY set of speakers from Parts Express in Dayton.

TriTrix MTM: (https://www.parts-express.com/tritrix-mtm-speaker-kit-pair-with-knock-down-cabinets–300-7128)It’s less of a ‘kit’ and more of a ‘box of parts’.

The wood assembly is relatively straightforward - Ryan gave me advice on glueing//clamping those bits together.
However the crossover/wiring is going to require a good deal of research on my end - I’m not familiar with wiring a crossover from components - the ‘wiring’ part of the kit contains several inductor coils, capacitors, and resistors, but the wiring of these, how to mount them, etc is an exercise left to the builder.

There’s a diagram showing the crossover wiring on the kit designers website, this at least offers some guidance on how to wire the components:

Still dont know how/where to mouint these inside the cabinet.

Anyone with experience doing this who’d like to offer guidance on how to assemble these?

-Mark K

I don’t have any direct experience building speakers but I know the theory. The diagram you show makes sense to me and I would wire it up exactly like it shows.

I don’t know if there is any concern about interplay between the inductors and the speaker magnets or coils. I would mount the crossover in a corner or bottom of the cabinet far away from the speaker magnets just to be sure.

Did you have other questions?

The wiring was straightforward, the assembling was very up in the air - where to mount the components, what type of material to use, how to mount inside the speakers, any other ‘details’.
I did some research online, found that most audio DIY’ers either used high density MDF/plywood, or perfboard. I went with that, mocked up a template, drilled thru holes, and Ryan worked on much of the actual wiring/soldering.
I finished getting the first one built up and working yesterday.
Along the way, I observed a few points where I could improve on the process, so, hopefully the second speaker will go quicker and be a good deal easier to complete.