Sparring and armor-making

Hello gang.

A concept has been tossed around by a few of us at the Koipound, and
thought perhaps a few of you guys might wish to come play.

Fighting and sparring is quite fun, if one can be safe and walk away
as friends afterward.

There is a group that has refined this concept over 40 years, called
the SCA and they specialize in historical reenactment.

So, what if one borrowed their well-honed safety rules, but allowed
one's appearance complete creative freedom?
Fantasy, sci fi, historical, steampunk, pangolin, drag queen, pirate,
ninja, robot, zombie, whatever you like.

More detail than you'd ever want is in here, and page 10-11 have the
armor requirements.

It's not hard to pass muster with blue barrel plastic, leather, or
other cheap alternatives as the core of your gear.
we're happy to help anyone interested in making armor.

So, anyone care to come spar with us and form an inter-dimensional
fighting league? it's fun, and rather decent exercise.