Sparks, online edition (Bring out your dead electrons)

Come hang out (online) and talk electronics. I’ll start with a tour of my lab. I’ve been working on a ton of electronics lately so plenty of hopefully interesting for show and tell.

If anyone has any electronics questions / problems, let me know via slack or email in advance and I’ll try to have something for you.

7:30pm Monday, links will be posted.


Thanks Scott for doing the meet

Cya :slight_smile:

Is there an interest group for electronics? I’d like to join. Thanks, Malcolm

I’m probably going to become the new electronics warden. I’m happy to get some more discussion/classes on electronics.

Dave B. has been hosting the “sparks” meetings on Monday at 7:30pm.

Coronavirus has put a damper on Sparks! I guess we can try for first monday in July? Get on slack and chat electronics. I’m around there most days.
-Dave (the B.)

Dave, any chance you could drive moving the electronics benches to the new building as the next "Sparks!" Event?

Possibly. I am rather bandwidth limited with ongoing builds and work projects at the moment. If it happens at scheduled time, Sparks would be 2 weeks from today. I will let you know in 1 week whether I can take responsibility for organizing or not.

Sign me up for helping move electronics. Keep me posted.

John O

I’m going to try and consolidate the electronics area. We have a crap ton of parts that I don’t think we need right in the area.
The bucket of motors and misc parts could use some pruning. I think there are some ISA boards and super old microcontrollers that could find a new home.

We also have a few boxes of the packaging line stuff that I will release for reuse or recycle (DIN rail breakers, 24v lights, etc).

I think all the current gear on the benches should move to the new site. (power supplies, oscilloscope, function generator, benchtop DMM, solder sucker, soldering irons, etc.)

Some of the more esoteric gear could probably get put more in storage (older oscilloscope, fancy benchtop multimeter, etc.)
I’ll try and make a list of what I think and put it up for discussion.

I’d also like to work on some kind of fume extraction/filtering for the area. Even just a cross breeze setup using a box fan would be better than the stagnant air we have now.

Every now and again I happen across used giant restaurant hoods. Let me know if getting one is of interest. The ones I’m thinking of could cover a large bench. Obviously it would require access to the outside.

John O

Might be cool to look into fitting one over the bench. If you run across one let me know the measurements.

I started on a LED + tube + reflector fume extraction setup at one point that was (I believe) thrown out because no one cared enough about fume extraction.

As someone who breathes copious quantities of flux fumes all the time, I can tell you I can still breathe. :-p


Restaurant hoods at the right price could work somewhere. More details are needed.