Sparks! Electronics meetup today 1/13/21 7:30pm

By popular demand, Sparks! has moved to Wednesday.
Join me today 7:30pm for a socially distant google meet to go over basic circuit simulation with LTSpice.

LTSpice is a free circuit simulation software published by Linear (now owned by Analog Devices) that is graphical in nature. We’re going to go over automotive power supply design and MCU I/O pin protection schemes as real-world examples of how to use LTSpice to do useful circuit simulation before actually building the circuit. If you want to follow along, it would be really helpful for you to download and install LTSpice prior to the meet.

Available for windows and Mac.

Hope to see you this evening. As always - this is an opportunity to hang out and talk electronics more than anything formal so bring any questions or things you’re working on.


I’m at Children’s ER with my kiddo. I’m going to have to bail on this week and push things back a week, again. Apologies.

Being Dad is most important. Hope all goes well.

oh dear, I hope they get you and your family into good shape, I wish you the best

Hope everything works out. Best wishes.