Sparks! Electronics meet: move to Wednesday 1/13/21

By popular demand, Sparks! will be moving to the first WEDNESDAY of the month instead of the first Monday. Unfortunately, I have family obligations this Wednesday so the first meeting of 2021 will be held a week later in the evening of Wednesday 1/13/2021. I’m thinking 7:30ish. I’m planning on having the meeting virtually on Google Meets in order to comply with coronavirus restrictions. The meet link will be posted to the mailing list and slack closer to the event.

Sparks! is an electronics social so there will never be a agenda, as freeform and wandering discussion are desired. I will be contributing a short presentation on using SPICE for simulating circuits. SPICE programs are a way to see if a guess is at least worth trying in reality before building the circuit and letting magic smoke out.

Happy new year everyone.