[Space Group] Email format and CRT Recycling

Hey everyone,
It was mentioned at the last board meeting that we should form groups to manage the space a bit easier (and a separate one for the network) instead of piling it on one person. Instead of trying to create a different mailing list like was attempted for networking we will just tag posts to the list with [Space Group] and anyone who wants to can filter those messages out in case the volume gets a bit high. If anyone has any ideas for improvement of the space or you have done something at the space please communicate on the list so everyone can see it!

With regards to the second part of this email subject, is anyone opposed to us recycling the CRTs? Several people have voiced that they don’t like them, we aren’t doing anything with them (and for the foreseeable future I doubt we will be doing anything with them), they are a bit of an eyesore, and make it a bit more difficult to move around on top of the fab lab/lounge when maintenance needs to be done.

Staples will actually recycle CRT monitors for free (not televisions), but they only accept 6 electronic items per day per costumer (not like this would be an issue).

Is this something that we want to have a vote on?


My vote is to get rid of them.


It’s not like we can’t get more, right?

My vote is to get rid of most of them, but keep one or two around if they are particularly large ones. Also, I’m about half a mile from a Staples, so I might be up for recycling a few of these myself if it’s not much more complex than “carry monitor into Staples, toss on floor, walk away”.

I say get rid of them all. I’m a short drive from a Staples, as well.

Agreed. Get rid of them!