[Space Group] Call for help!

Hey everyone,
Doing a call for help since there is still a good bit of work to do down at the hive to get it ready for the open house this saturday!

If you want to help and are available either on thursday from 3pm until 7pm-ish (half and hour before the board meeting) and friday from 10am until 8pm (possibly later) then please come on down! Some of the stuff that needs to be done for example is moving around some slightly heavy and awkward shelves, picking up small odds and ends around the hive to make it look clean, trying to clean up the dust everywhere, etc. Definitely a lot of smaller stuff that needs to get done!

Any help is great!

Thank you,

I’ll help. At the space now doing some work and will be back tonight as well.

I’ll be there. Would a dolly be useful for moving big stuff?

I put the times on the calendar as well.

Since I’m here now I could do a few things while I’m working. Like, do we want all those PCs to be placed on the top shelf? I see a lot of things I want to put away but I am not sure where things go. Heck, it took me a long time to find the box of resistors and in the end I just gave up :confused: Is there any docs of how we want everything arranged when it’s all said and done?