Southwest Ohio Makerspace Alliance

Southwest Ohio Makerspace Alliance describes itself as

a Meetup for owners and operators of makerspaces in the Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus Ohio.

The Alliance is a new way to facilitate communication, cross-promotion, partnership and friendship

among the various makerspaces in Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus and surrounding areas.

Are we interested in this? (Do we already participate?)

Just curious.


Sounds like a good idea. We should, if we don’t.

I guess “owners and operators” would mean “officials” (e.g., the board menbers), since a latter part of the posting also says “for individual makers, check this other Meetup thread”.
Or the board could appoint a liason…

I had reached out to them when they first started as they were asking for places to host it. I got no response and everything since then has been pretty exclusively up in Dayton. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Sorry I didn’t mention this at the HIVE, but it might be worth checking in again, just to see if it’s more organized.

Just my 2¢. (found ¢ key!)