Source of acrylic sheets

I’ve been tasked with making a couple donation boxes for a United Way event at my work. My intent was to cut them out of transparent acrylic on the laser cutter. Does anyone have suggestions of where to find a decently thick but cheep acrylic sheets? I looked at the websites of the major hardware stores and the sheets cost more than what I was expecting. Thank you in advance!

Yeah Acrylic is a LOT more expensive than glass…I am a tightwad and a thriftstore junkie… if it doesn’t have to be absoperfectly clear and flawless, you can sometimes purchase large picture frames with plastic instead of glass in them This might be too thin for your use, though. What thickness and size are you looking for? Some of the plastics suppliers used to have scrap bits you could buy (Cadillac Plastics had this ages ago)

You might ask Bill Steel where he gets the stuff he was using for his printers. If he bulk buys it, maybe he has extra?