Source for two Stingray bicycles for the Power Tool Drag Race?

Hi all,

The Power Tool Drag Race will be looking to upgrade the track infrastructure for the upcoming 2015 season. We want to fab a racer recovery cable car system. It will eliminate the biggest operator pain; walking the racers back to the starting line after each match race. The design will be two outboard wood-track service lanes, both being 75' long. Each will feature a hand-crank (or electric drive) cable car vehicle (roughly 12" x 18" floor surface) to set the belt sander vehicles on for the ride back to the starting line. We envision using bicycle front and back wheel/frame parts for the cable drive and idler wheels, and clothesline for the cable.

So the question is, can anyone step in to help source/acquire two near identical junker Sting-ray style bicycles for this purpose? We'll pay/reimburse a nominal price. It could even become a welding metal shop project. The first race is in Detroit at the end of July.


Even if you get some BMX style bikes cheap I can easily weld them up to whatever you want them to look like especially if we can get a yes vote to that eastwood TIG welder that’s on sale that I have a link to in the stands thread all I need Is a drawing and some bikes lol.

I am not sure what size bike you want, but I have a small child’s bike that I will happily donate. other ones in the same size and shape can be found at the thrift store on Esty Ave.

You might try Mobo, the bicycle co-op in Northside. They have a shed full of old bicycle frames.