Soundproofing Pledge Site

Dave set up the pledgie site, as of this email we are @$190 of $360.

The link is here:

It uses paypal, however if you pay one of the board members with cash // check I believe they can add the total to the pledgie site manually.

I’d just like to encourage everyone to pitch in a little, even if it’s only $10. We took this vote at the meeting and have a limited time to raise these funds. The space needs your help! Please donate what you can today.

We are currently still in need of $120, and only 7 people have donated thus far. Do your part to help out!


I’ll donate the 120.

Lemme know where to funnel it, paypal or whatever.

Wow, Chris, that’s really generous!

We’re using a web site called “Pledgie” to track the donations here:

They do indeed take Paypal, etc. You don’t have to sign up, just click through the donate button.


Done, and done.

I can verify that. Chris you are awesome! Thank you very much!

Sorry, I was late to the game (had to get paid first...checks came in
the mail yesterday! W00T!) I put in $30 better late than never. It can
go to giving some back to Chris or long-term needs, I don't care.