Some soldering irons temporarily out of service -- algunos soldadores están fuera de servicio.

The Weller station needs a new collar, possibly new element. It is not working well due to the tip being way burned out. I have a tip, but the collar that holds the tip is also toast. I'll try to find the replacement parts and report back...

Xytronics station is de-solder only now. The solder side bit the dust.

I set up the Auyue iron on the rework station (hot air rework station also has a soldering iron capability). Use that iron for now.

The weller will be back soon.

Tips to prevent tip / element destruction:

Solder only at moderate temperatures. Don't turn it all the way up. Turn the iron temp down if the solder turns brown, black, "boils", spatters.

Use a chisel tip for thicker wire and lugs.

If you're turning the temp to highest setting, you might want to consider using a higher wattage iron (and different alloy solder).

Clean / wipe the tip often between when soldering. Always clean it before putting it down.

Don't leave the iron on.